“Dear and only you, my dear Uzbekistan!”

Tashkent Medical Academy

Department of Folk Medicine, Rehabilitation and Physical Education


TOPIC: “Dear and only you, my dear Uzbekistan!”

September 5, 2018 began the first day of the educational process at the department. 1st year residents of sports medicine and rehabilitation came to the department. Employees of the department with their group “Dear and only you, dear Uzbekistan!” independence lesson was held.

Participants: Usmankhodjaeva AA, Associate Professors Adylov Sh.K., Vysogortseva ON, Assistants: Akhmedova D.Sh., Cattarova D.B., Khalikova U.A., Sharipov U.A., Isomiddinov Z. A., Karimov A.A., Mirxamidova N.A. Master students and Treatment 411, 511 group students.

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